Level 1 transgression:

  • Books at home
  • Homework not done
  • PT clothes at home
  • Being late for school
  • Not wearing proper school uniform
  • Littering
  • Circulars, tests not signed by parents
  • Not adhering to rules of movement when changing classes between periods or during intervals.
  • Assignments being late

Punitive Measures:

  • Dialogue, negotiation: Principal, parents ( if necessary),learner, teacher
  • Detention: school will inform parents before detention take place
  • Special assignments
  • Penalise: assessment mark will be influence negatively
  • Temporary withdrawal of learner out of class
  • Withdrawal of learner from group during intervals
  • Withholding of certain privileges: sport / culture events
  • Suspension for up to one week
  • Expulsion: permanent removal of learner from school

Level 2 transgression:

  • Arrogance/rudeness/disrespectful towards adults
  • Disruption of classes
  • Absenteeism of classes/sport/cultural events without permission
  • Leaving school grounds without permission
  • Insubordination ( refusing to perform reasonable instructions)
  • Smoking on school premises
  • Unacceptable behaviour during school events
  • Vandalism of school buildings /  property of staff
  • Fighting / bullying of fellow learners
  • Intimidation/blackmail of fellow learners
  • Dishonesty during exams, tests, assignments
  • Copying the signature of their parents
  • Sexual harassment through word and deeds
  • Use of bad language
  • Showing/ owning of pornographic material

Punitive Measures: As in the above.

Level 3 transgressions:

  1. Assault : physical or with a weapon (including outside the perimeter of school grounds )
  2. Alcohol and drugs : use / selling of both on school premises or at school excursions
  3. Theft of school / teachers / learners property
  4. Gangsterism: belong to/ or take part/ intimidate fellow learner/s as part of gangster activities
  5. Dishonesty during examinations / tests
  6. Serious disruption of school program
  7. Human rights violations because of differences on the grounds of race, gender, language, culture or religion
  8. Sexual harassment
  9. In possession of dangerous weapons: eg. knives, guns, and any other weapon that can be classified as dangerous
  10.  Serious behavioural deviations as seen by the Minister of Education as bad behaviour

 Punitive measures: As above.

Intervention Program-Results

  1. Parents-Letter (must be signed) by parent.
  2. Phone –contacting parents telephonically
  3. Teacher is called in.
  4. Grade head.
  5. Phase head.
  6. Individual remedial.
  7. Mentorship program.
  8. Deputy Principal(s)
  9. Principal
  10. Governing Body
  11. Rehabilitation