Code of Conduct

To realize our Mission, it is imperative that all the role players especially the learners, strive to establish a sense of self-discipline which will lead to exemplary behaviour within the school structure. The South African Schools Act no 84 of 1996 enforces that learners, educators and parents adhere to these rules and regulations.

Aims of the Code of Conduct

Although learners are individuals, according to the constitution, they need to respect the values of others irrespective of race, creed or culture.

  • Respect for educators

The learners respect their educators who have been appointed to guide them the way they should go.

  • Respect for non-educators

The learners show respect towards the non-educating staff and will be polite towards them and at all times be courteous towards visitors.


  • Respect for school property

The school building, facilities and equipment should at all-times be cared for and treated with respect. Vandalism of school property is a criminal offence.

  • Safety

The safety of all the role-players is of the utmost importance. Learners are therefore urged not to put their safety or those of their follow learners in jeopardy.  

  • Submission to organisational rules

The school is seen as a complex compound which cannot function successfully if there is no order and rules are not adhered to.  The learners must therefore obey those who has been appointed over them and abide by the punishment if they transgress.

  • Image of the school

Each learner is the bearer of the school’s image.  The learners should therefore strive to uphold the image of the school by means of their actions, language and neatness and be proud to be associated with this school.

  • School Program

Due to the fact that all activities, indoor as well as outdoor are aimed to develop the learners holistically, it is their responsibility to always give their best and be enthusiastic in whatever they endeavour.

  • Language Medium:

Dr. van der Ross Primary is a parallel medium school with predominantly Afrikaans and English as medium of instruction.