• School Uniform

The school uniform is compulsory for all learners.  Only black school shoes are permissible. Mark all clothing clearly with a laundry marker. The school will not be held responsible for any loss of clothing.  Any deviance from the school uniform should be in writing from the parents as well as the time frame in which it will be rectified.

5.2  Summer Uniform: 

 Boys:                                                              Girls:

Short Grey Pants                                            Turquoise School Dress

White shirt (Long/short sleeve)                    Short white school socks

 Grey socks                                                                  White ribbon in plaited hair

 Grey jersey/pullover                                                 Grey jersey/pullover

Turquoise School Jacket                                             Turquoise School Jacket 

School Tie

5.3  Winter Uniform:

Boys:                                                                  Girls:

Long Grey Pants                                                  Turquoise School Dress

White shirt (Long/short sleeve)                             Black stockings

School tie                                                             School Tracksuit

 Grey jersey                                                          Grey jersey

 School Tracksuit                                                  School Tracksuit                                                 

                                                                              White shirt (Long/short sleeve)      


  • Rules concerning learners
  • No “takkies” are allowed , except when it is civvies
  • Boys are to have short haircuts, neatly cut above the ears.

No fancy hairstyles like deliberate faders, dyed/highlighted/long hair will be tolerated.

Earrings/studs, tattoos and chains are not allowed.

  • Girl’s hair must be plaited.

They can only wear small gold/silver studded earrings.

No sleepers, elaborate/fashionable hairstyles, dyed or highlighted, loose hair, tattoos and chains will be allowed.

  • Parents can see the principal or teachers by appoint only, preferably not during contact time. (after hours)
  • Parents must first report to the secretary before they can see the Principal or Teacher
  • Vehicles that transport learners may not enter the school premises to drop off or pick up learners.  Learners should be dropped off or picked up outside the school grounds, NOT IN FRONT OF THE GATE!!!!! 
  • Individuals responsible for fetching a learner from school should at all times be punctual.  It is not the responsibility of the teachers to see to it.
  • Doctors and Dentist appointments should be after school hours.