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The rights of learners at Dr.van der Ross Primary

  • Every learner has the right to and education.
  • Democracy should prevail at all times.
  • No learner should be treated unfairly
  • Learners will enjoy freedom of speech within the code of conduct.
  • Every learner should feel safe within the school environment.
  • Behaviour of learners at school should at all times be immaculate.


Behaviour of learners

  • It is compulsory for a child between the ages 6 to 16 years to attend school everyday according to the law.
  • If a child has been absent for 2days or more, he/she must present a doctor’s certificate upon returning to school or a letter from the parent stating the reason for absenteeism.


  • Any learner who is absent from school for more than 10 days without informing the school of the reason, will be deregistered on the WCED CEMIS System or scrapped from the roll. The parents of such a learner need to reapply to be enrolled at the school. The school has the authority to reconsider enrolment.


  • Learners should at all times be punctual (8 o’clock) at school.  If a child must leave the school earlier than normal closing time, he/she must apply via a letter, addressed to the principal for permission.  It is very important that the parent/s must fetch the child. No child will be allowed to walk home on his/her own – (danger)


  • While at school no learner should physically harm another learner, or threaten his/her life with weapons, toys or any instrument that can cause bodily harm.


  • No learner is allowed to smoke on the premises or have any form of substances on their person.


  • School property may not be vandalised or sprayed with any for graffiti.


  • Text books should be taken good care of.  If learners by any means lose or damage the books, the parents are responsible for the costs of those books.
  • Learners should by no means enter the school premises with bicycles , skateboards or rollerblades.  During interval learners should only play at their appointed areas.  No learner is allowed within 10m radius of parked vehicles.


  • No pamphlets, circulars, posters or notices may be distributed on the premises or posted on walls or fences of the school without the permission of the principal.


  • Learners must show the necessary respect towards the prefects and they must give their full support in maintaining discipline.


  • Learners are not allowed to use the administration block as thoroughfare (passage)


  • The use of the public phone is for emergencies only.


  • If learners feel sick during the school day they can leave the class with permission of the educator to go to the secretary who will contact the parents.


  • In the case of an injury /sickness, the teacher will contact the parents. Such an incident must be recorded in the casualty register.  In case of an emergency, it is advisable that parents indicate their medical practitioner/medical and number so that emergencies can be dealt with immediately.


  • Participation in extra mural activities:
  • Each learner should partake in some form of extra mural activity set up by the school.


  • If the learner has willingly submitted him/herself to an activity at school, they are obligated to be responsible and at all times adhere to the rules and regulations of such an activity, be it sport or cultural.  If for any reason the learner cannot be present at an activity, they should inform the coach or teacher in charge.


  • It is expected of learners to vigilant in the use of school property and should by no means be present on the school premises after hours except for extra mural activities.